A Little New York in Florida! Meet Uncle Louie G!

by Soudabah Moayedi


When you think of Florida you may not think of New York Italian Ice, but that didn't stop Susan and Jerry from bringing a little bit of New York to their new home of St. Petersburg, Florida. Susan and Jerry are the owners of Uncle Louie G's New York Italian Ice Truck. This company is originally from New York, but they couldn't miss the opportunity to bring one to St. Pete when the chance was brought to them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who agrees that they made the best decision.

Uncle Louie G is another company that took the chance and started during the pandemic. Wanting to bring the Italian Ice she loved in New York to St. Pete she took the leap when it was brought to her attention that they wanted a location here. With her partner Jerry they have been blowing our taste buds away with their flavors. My personal favorite is cotton candy but they have flavors like chocolate, mint chocolate chip, mango, lemon, and many more. This isn't like the Italian Ice that we find in our favorite stores, imagine ice cream and snow cones having a baby and you get what it's like to eat Italian Ice from Uncle Louie G.

You can find them at local events and parks in our area keeping us cool in the sunshine state, just look for the blue striped trailer! Susan and Jerry welcome you with a friendly smile and a heaping pile of yumminess. With great flavors and good prices Uncle Louie is a great option when you need to chill out. With the dream of one day owning a brick and mortar store they are moving along to make that dream come true.

Starting a business during the pandemic can be a scary thing. It's great to see Uncle Louie G at events and being successful. Susan and Jerry are adding another unique layer to our city that we hope will help create memories with our community for many years to come. If you want to hear more from Susan about Uncle Louie G then listen to her episode on Good Morning St Pete on any platform that hosts podcasts and remember to always stay super cool. 



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