Don't Miss XEBRA: iBOMS Newest Solo Show

D-Gallerie for the past four years has been a huge supporter of the Street Art scene here in downtown St. Pete. Over the past few years we have seen many great shows from them like last years D-Railed exhibit and iBOMS last solo show. This time the walls are graced with his newest collection XEBRA. With a clearer vision than previous shows it features his signature stunning colors but featuring darker hues, large scale works, and a deeper look into the mind of iBOMS. XEBRA is so far the rawest and most honest we have seen iBOMS in any of his solo shows yet. Combined with the tech from Pixelstix this is a show you don’t want to miss.

Soudabah interviewing I.B.O.M.S  Slightly inspired by shows like Fire Force and Avatar the Last Airbender this show holds a very spiritual feel to it. You walk among the pieces and feel each character trying to climb closer and closer to some version of God. In many of the newer pieces you get the feeling that with each character going about their business on the canvas iBOMS is pushing them closer to what he wants God to be. He describes this show as “intelligently designed” and thinks this is the one show he has had the clearest vision in and has been able to stick to it.

You can tell when looking at this show how its consistent theme of divinity and balance runs through each unique painting. With each step these characters take they remind him he is on the right path in this life. Our favorite example of this battle between spirit and the physical pains of life is with two of his pieces who mirror each other in the gallery. We see his character Ashi in black holding a blunt and in the other piece we see him radiating in orange light. For iBOMS this is a perfect representation of the shadow self and the higher self. The side of you that should be shown and the side of us we don’t really want people to see. But for iBOMS each of those versions of himself are unique and special to who he is at this moment in his life.

  Working on these painting for his newest show he has learned it’s not good to make assumptions because most of the time it’ll only lead to unnecessary pain. This collection is his battle with his illusions and the truth that is just within reach. While we don’t have any new characters we get to see different aspects of Ashi. The Ahsi with fire coming out from within, the one at his highest good, the one with balance, the one in love, the protector, and his inner turmoil. It’s hard not to feel like this character is alive in his newest works when you feel alongside him in each painting. The hopscotch in many of his paintings not only being a summoning circle for the ancestors he paints for, but for us to go alongside them on their journey.

XEBRA is the first show that is embedded with Pixelstix technology! You can dive even deeper into the behind the scenes of his process to create this show. The two biggest paintings will contain the technology imbedded in iBOMS signature blooms. Make sure to download the Pixelstix app before attending the show and just tap your phone to whatever bloom you think contains the tech. Through this you can discover his reasoning behind certain pieces, check out cool Tik Toks created by iBOMS, and find out details you may not get just looking at the art. Make sure to scan each of his artist tags on the walls of the gallery and read a unique poem or snippet about the meanings of each painting as well. With Pixelstix’s technology you’ll be able to go further down the rabbit hole that is iBOMS in ways you haven’t at his other shows.

Our favorite painting Raingasm happens to also be the one iBOMS had the most fun creating and the one that makes him blush the most. We wont go into many details because this a must see for yourself! If iBOMS newest show XEBRA doesn’t make you pick up a paintbrush and paint something beautiful with the hardships of daily life then I don’t know what to tell you. But we highly recommend stopping in to see his newest show XEBRA over at D Gallerie to safely join Ashi and his friends on their quest for God.


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