Hey Go Stuff Urself! Meet Chef Rob

by Soudabah Moayedi

July 27, 2021 



If you see a red truck covered in flames I suggest you find out where it will be parking! The Go Stuff Urself food truck owned by Chef Rob is where you can get the best stuffed burgers in town. Chef Rob is loud, happy, and always has a smile no matter how hot things get. We had the best time talking with him about following his dreams to start his own food truck and we have no doubt about his success.

Chef Rob describes himself as the image of a food truck owner and has always wanted to own his own truck. He has been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years and just before the pandemic he decided to make his dreams come true. For him food trucks are a place where you can't be anything but happy, and he loves the trust he can develop with his customers especially while we are still suffering from COVID-19. His passion for food is undeniable and his stuffed burgers are his baby that he can't stop sharing with us (please don't stop). 

While waiting for our interview date with Chef Rob we heard from multiple people he was going to be a great conversation and lots of fun! They were not wrong, he is passionate about anything he does even a simple podcast. It is this passion that I believe allows him to create such fun food. Not only does he have his stuffed burgers he also has wings, stacked fries, and his Dillas which are his burgers wrapped up in a flour tortilla instead of a burger bun.

Go Stuff Urself is one of the newer food trucks on the street. Built on a dream to create great food and connect with community we know he will succeed. If you haven't tried his food yet then next time you see his truck make sure you stop by and give him a try.



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