St. Pete's Daily Muralist Hinson the Healer

 Soudabah Moayedi of St Pete is Super Cool

Even though he has come from Ohio Hinson the Healer has already added to the art scene here in St. Petersburg in so many ways! We were first introduced to him at the beginning of the year during our Silent Auction benefiting Artissin! Since then he has become another one of our favorite artists doing great things in the community. 

Hinson the Healer inside his studio

Hinson got his start after a sports injury left him unable to continuing playing, which is when he turned to art as an outlet. Starting out in pottery, his art teacher quickly realized his talent and urged the school to give him extra art classes. Eventually becoming interested in other art forms and folk art. The best way to describe his style is Japanese Folk meets American Traditional Tattoo. We love his use of bright colors and line work to create these fun pieces that really catch the eye. You’ll find your eyes jumping around the piece looking for every detail. Hinson loves Folk art and combines his loves of tattoo and that art style with the motifs he sees in old Folk art. As of right now his style is heavily influenced by Japanese mythology and we get to see the beautiful Yokai spirits that inhabit Japan here in our hometown. 

Hinson runs a very tight schedule when it comes to his art career and realizes he needs this structure to be successful. Waking up in the morning he plans his day preparing what will be needed for his daily mural and any art he is working on for a show. Followers on his social media account get to see a daily mural from him everyday and it’s always super relaxing to see those crisp lines turn into something colorful and super cool!Mural by Hinson the Healer As of right now he has created a smoking frog riding on a cloud of his own smoke, but my personal favorite is the Japanese Salamander he very kindly painted in our studio space! 

We can’t wait to see what Hinson the Healer comes up with next and how he develops over the years. At 26 years of age he has a whole career in front of him that we think is going to turn out to be super cool! If you would like to learn more about him and hear his full Podcast interview by searching Good Morning St Pete on any platform that hosts Podcasts!

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