Meet Brandon Thrift

Soudabah Moayedi

May 11, 2021

Like most artists Brandon Thrift has always loved art. While music has been the focus up until the pandemic hit he hasn’t lost any talent or love for it. Brandon Thrift is behind the Spread Love Campaign that aims to spread love and happiness through his art. You can see him doing art drops in various areas all over the state and see his paintings hung in galleries in the Tampa Bay Area. When he isn’t making art that makes you smile he is living life to the fullest and trying to be the best person he can be.

When he first started creating art again he quickly found that his house was filled with pieces that he needed to do something with. This was the inspiration behind his art drops that at first he started doing anonymously dropping them off in places. When they started to gain more popularity he made the decision to start putting his instagram handle on the back of his paintings. From there the movement has skyrocketed with people from all over getting his painting, asking for care packages so they can spread love themselves and even had him on ABC Action News.

His journey has taken him all over the United States and has allowed him to see some beautiful things and some really sad things. Brandon has seen Skid Row in California, the riots in Denver Colorado, and the beauty of Maine of all places. He’s had some scary moments too like trying to get into Washington D.C. after the attack on the capital and feeling defeated. When asked if sometimes being in these heavy spaces trying to spread love can be really tough sometimes he said in simple terms “yeah”. While we are happy that he didn’t quit and we still get to see his art he is a good example that the artist putting out such happy and inspiring work can also being going through dark moments.

Brandon plans on continuing his journey of spreading love and seeing where it will take him. While he has plans and ideas for new things and exploring different artistic concepts I think we will always have a need for a Spread Love Campaign. You can hear more from our chat with Brandon on our podcast Good Morning St Pete on Apple, Spotify, and many more.


Mural by i.b.o.m.s                     

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