Meet Gio

Soudabah Moayedi

May 25, 2021

Gio has been writing poems his whole life, but has only been gracing us with his wit for a few years. You can see Gio hanging out at your favorite cafes and markets with a typewriter by his side.  His friend is actually the one created his instagram handled meshing his name with the fact that he does make typos and from that @gios_typos was born. I like to think of Gio as the friendly neighborhood poet inspiring us with a kind word and a personal poem wherever he has his typewriter out.

Gio likes to think each one of his poems is a creation between him and the person he is writing the poem for. A collaboration between his experiences and what the person is telling him about what they need from this poem. I remember meeting him for the first time, I was in the process of leaving my job and I wanted an ode to quitting and following my dreams. That poem hyped me up so much I walked out of the doors of my second job never wanting to look back. With his writing Gio is trying create moments people won’t forget with his poems and I think he does a good job of getting to the heart of what that person in front of him needs at that moment.

When he is out at markets or sitting at a local cafe Gio will write you a poem for a donation, but he has no specified prices for when he is sitting out and about during the day. This is because he doesn’t want anyone to be turned away or feel like they can’t have access to something that could make their day. He wants to “create moments not transactions” and believes that what people are really getting from him is his awareness of them in that moment. 

If you see Gio sitting with his typewriter at your favorite cafe or a market that you are strolling through than stop by and say hello. Maybe grab a poem and chat for a bit, having a cool poem to carry throughout the day to boost your mood is always a great way to end the day.

You can hear more from our interview with Gio on our podcast Good Morning St Pete on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.




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