Meet Jessie

Soudabah Moayedi

May 11, 2021


The Movement Sanctuary is a warehouse building that houses some of the coolest people. Lead by their fearless leader Jessie this team will show you how to fly through the air, bend your body into cool movements, how to breathe, and to just have fun! The Movement Sanctuary’s aim is to bring all styles of acrobatics under one umbrella so people can get a taste of anything they may be interested in. Our talk with Jessie was really eye opening because it really showcases how much our community could use something as unique as acrobatics.

Jessie enjoys being in the air and that’s why she would be what is called a flier, the person being through in the air. For someone who is usually being moved and tossed up into the air she is very grounded in her ideals. The Movement Sanctuary is a place about community and truth. Walking through the gates and you are instantly energized and at peace. Not only is the place surrounded by the art of our locals, but its also covered in trees and plants. Hanging from the trees are wind chimes and trinkets, it almost at times feels like a fairy wonderland.

While the look of the building and the people who run it feel whimsical at times, they are very serious about what they do. Jessie kindly offered us a class with Chris and Sarah and while we considered us in shape we left feeling sore. The most beautiful thing about classes was our ability to say no and feel ok doing so. When talking with Jessie the ability to say no and feel safe was a big thing for her and with acroyoga and acrobatics she was really able to learn that. When you are flying through the air and being lifted by someone that feeling of trust is so big.

The biggest thing learned by talking with Jessie is how powerful some of these art forms can be. Not only is acrobatics training fun and feels like being a kid again, its also about consent and really learning about communicating your needs to your partner. The Movement Sanctuary is a great place for people in need of healing or who just want to learn to relax. Anyone who has walked into the Movement Sanctuary understands that the building won’t allow you to be sad or upset for long. To hear more from Jessie listen to her episode on our Podcast Good Morning St Pete available on Apple, Spotify and more.

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