Meet Jujmoo the Artist of all Things Cute and Cheerful!

by Soudabah Moayedi


Whats bright, cheerful, and screams kawaii? That would be the art of Cheryl otherwise known as Jujmoo. Being a child in a military family, art is what brought her solace when she was in a new country or city. We are so happy she stuck with it because know her art is bringing smiles to our faces even in the gloomiest of days.

Localtopia is when we were first introduced to Jujmoo. She was live painting a car and slaying it in the Florida heat. Her art style is one of my favorites because it showcases everything that is fun and colorful in our world. Jujmoo's art style is inspired by anime and fairy tales that she loves and grew up with. 

The pandemic has allowed her not only to explore her art more, but to also take the leap into being a full time artist. When St. Pete went into lockdown she utilized Instagram to create a drawing show. People could watch her draw or draw along with her. Now she is killing it at the mural game and has teamed up with another artist to create Sunnyside Productions which uses art to connect and engage with the community. 

Jujmoo is a great example of how powerful art can be! From being a kid who used art to make sense of her changing surroundings to an professional artists who is giving us major power vibes at any jobs she does, Jujmoo is a force to be acknowledge in the art community.

If you want to hear more from Cheryl then listen to her episode on Good Morning St Pete on any platform that hosts podcasts and remember to always stay super cool. 



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