Meet Pedroh

by Soudabah Moayedi

June 3, 2021

I like to think of Pedroh as the King of Eyes. When I was first introduced to Pedroh it was at the first Art Wars event. He did this beautiful painting of mans face that was full of color, but it was the eyes that really got to me. Pedroh paints eyes that will follow you around the room and showcase how real art can be.

Originally from Cuba he now calls St. Pete home and you can find most of his work at art galleries and Bar 548 who showcases local art from time to time. Trained in Cuba Pedroh has a the fundamentals of art with a spiritual twist. You will seen him paint many figures in pop culture and history with a backdrop of spirit. I asked him how that plays a role in his art and for him his spiritual believes are very important so why not showcase that in his art.




Murals are his next big goal and I'm sure any fan of his art will agree he needs to do one. Pedroh would also like to get more into spray paint since he mainly works in acrylic. Thankfully we have plenty of muralists in our city that would be happy to give Pedroh a hand in making that dream a reality for him.

You can hear more from our interview with Pedroh on our podcast Good Morning St Pete on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.







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