The Only Snow We Get in Florida is Sweet Island Snow! Meet Jenny!

by Soudabah Moayedi


What do you get when you combine ice cream and shaved ice? The perfect treat that combines all the best memories of childhood. Jenny the owner of Sweet Island Snow Shaved Ice truck is bringing us back to our childhoods with her magical creations. What adult wouldn't love reliving some childhood memories of eating flavored shaved ice on a summer day and now you can do it anytime you want with Sweet Island Snow.

Jenny started her truck after a trip to Hawaii left her wanting to bring her favorite treat home. She saw a great opportunity to bring something she loved to her community in St. Pete, Florida. I mean who really knew that shaved ice and ice cream would go good together. Apparently the people of Hawaii and Jenny who lets us get the best of both worlds from her truck. It wasn't always easy though, figuring out what flavors go best together is hard work. On top of getting the truck ready and getting the proper licenses can make anyone feel like ripping their hair out. We are so happy that she stuck through it all though and we can enjoy this special dessert.  

Her flavors are out of this world and have the best toppings! Some of them are even made with more natural ingredients so you don't get that sticky fake taste you can sometimes get with syrups these days. From mango to passion fruit there is literally something for everyone. I love the Shark Attack which was filled with vanilla ice cream and blue raspberry, blue cotton candy, and tigers blood flavored shaved ice. After running around downtown St. Pete all day that was the perfect thing to pick me back up.

Sweet Island Snow not only provides us with a great product, but really strives to do things for the community and create fun moments for our little ones. She will sometimes let kids on the trucks and explore what she does everyday. She is also creating an event called Thankful Thursdays an event for families to come and eat at many of the delicious food trucks our city offers. We are so thankful that we have another awesome truck in our community! 

If you want to hear more from Jenny about Sweet Island Snow then listen to her episode on Good Morning St Pete on any platform that hosts podcasts and remember to always stay super cool. 



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